October 7, 2021

Kurumafu Karaage – Vegan Japanese Recipe

Kurumafu Karaage with my baby hand XD

It has to be said, Fu (麩) is good, but when you flavor it with ingredients like ginger and garlic, and maybe fry it, it reaches all other levels.

Today’s obento main dish is Karaage Fu (唐揚げ麩), a mouth-watering side dish that we all need (sometimes).

But before we begin you may be wondering, what is fu?

Shape and texture make it looks a lot like stale bread but actually is not.

The main ingredient of fu is wheat gluten. The dough is very simple to make, but it is a very time-consuming process.

Wheat flour and water are mixed together. The starch is washed out with water several times until it separate, and the remaining protein is used to make this elastic, sticky food.

Fu was imported to Japan from China and was initially introduced into the diets of the wealthier social classes as a dish for rich people (wheat crops were very limited at the time).

Its most famous recipes and uses are found in the cookbooks of Buddhist monks. They were required to follow a diet based on vegetables and cereals, and fu was immediately considered an excellent supplement.

Its popularity has continued to this day, and it remains a loved ingredient for those interested in a healthy diet, high in protein and low in kcal.

Having said that, today’s version isn’t exactly the best healthy version, but it helps us satisfy that fried craving that sometimes overwhelms us, without feeling too guilty 😉

Here is the recipe for Kurumafu Karaage

Kurumafu Karaage

As I said, fu comes in various forms. The one I decided to use is called Kurumafu (車麩) and is characterized by its thin round shape with a hole in the middle (車 = kuruma = car in Japanese).

Is probably the most popular version of Fy, and its origin is from Niigata.

The dough is rolled into a long stick and baked over an open fire, and then gluten is rolled over the stick again and baked. It is then cut into slices and left to dry.

It is a type of ingredient that is suitable for a variety of preparations, from stew, oden, sukiyaki, and nowadays it is also used in place of bread to prepare dishes such as French toast.

Today will be the juicy ingredients of our karaage!


Let’s Cook

Kurumafu Karaage Recipe

Soak the fu in a bowl full of water (they have to be covered in order to get soft). Let them rest until they don’t get soft and squeeze out the water.

Mix in bowl ginger, garlic, soy sauce ad sake. Add the fu and mix well to soak up the mixture. Let them rest, covered for 5 minutes. Add potato starch and sprinkle all over.

In a pan, add oil and heat to 170°C.

Put your Fu in the pan and fry for 3-4 minutes, turning them until they don’t get a golden brown. Sprinkle with salt and serve while still hot (I also love it cold).


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