June 24, 2020

Japanese White Stew

Japanese White Stew


This is another type of meal that the Japanese family loves to cook in the comfort of their kitchen, for a cozy and satisfying dinner.

“Japanese White Stew” is a full-course meal, rich in vegetables and with the addition (optional) of animal protein, served with steamed rice or bread croutons.

It’s a dish that has been modified over time with the influence of French cuisine, but which sees its origins in wartime.
I am referring to the days of the Second World War when with the introduction of powdered milk by the USA, distributed to feed a population of children malnourished by the fighting, it became a popular dish in the school lunch program.

This same dish, that today we easily cook at home thanks to the introduction of pre-made stew roux available at every Japanese grocery store (the same roux used to make curry), has some strong nostalgic memories among Japanese grandparents.

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Recipe: Japanese White Stew

Kids love this dish. Still proposed as lunch in schools, is also famous abroad for its cute and yummy cartoon reproductions.

Don’t tell me you have never seen this White Stews in your favorite cartoon!

As I said, nowadays it is possible to easily make it thanks to the use of pre-made roux, but today, I want to show you that cooking it from starch is healthier and not difficult at all.


1 chicken breast, cut into cubes
70 gr of spinach, wash and boil
1 onion, chopped
1 carrot, chopped in bites size
2 potato, chopped in 4 cubes each
Salt & pepper to taste

For the sauces

2 cups of vegetable stock
2 cups of warm milk (I prefer unsweetened soymilk, but you can use your favorite)
3 tbsp of room-temp butter
3 tbsp of flour
Salt & pepper to taste

Let’s Cook

In a deep stew pot over low heat, add a drizzle of oil. Add the chicken, season with a little salt and pepper, and cook until the surface turns golden.

Once cooked, take it out from the pot and set it aside.

In the same stew pot, add the potatoes, carrots, and onion that you have previously cut and washed. Add a pinch of salt and stir fry frequently for 2 minutes.

Add 2 cups of vegetable stock, the chicken, and the two cups of milk.
Mix the ingredients, cover with a lid and, when it boils, continue to cook over low heat for 4 minutes, or until the potatoes are ready (try one with a toothpick).

While the stew is cooking, in a bowl mix the three tablespoons of butter at room temperature with 3 tablespoons of flour.

(If you want a more or less dense stew remember that the portion of these ingredients should always be 1:1).

This hard and difficult to mix dough will give thickness and flavor to our stew.

Before adding it to the rest of the big pot, add two tablespoons of the cooking stock in order to be able to blend it more easily.

Once you have obtained a creamy mixture, add it to the pot (that in the meantime will have finished its cooking process) and mix everything together.

At this point, I added my previous boiled and chopped spinach, and I mixed everything with a wooden spoon.

Add salt and pepper and serve your stew still hot, accompanied by a bowl of rice or/and bread croutons!

(Is also a perfect ingredient for your Obento!)


Japanese White Stew