June 29, 2019

Where to sleep in Kanazawa (Backpackers friendly but not only)

A modern hostel in the middle of one of the cities where you can still breathe the air of ancient Japan: Kanazawa.

Generally, I don’t talk about our trips made around Japan. They are often last minute, and they are a moment of pleasure in which we lay cell phones, other distractions and enjoy the landscape.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of visiting one of the many tourist destinations in the country, Kanazawa, and I will be honest telling you, that among those parks and traditional houses, I left a piece of my heart.

Castello Kanazawa

Kanazawa is known as “the little Kyoto”, and walking through its streets will be easy for you to understand why.

It is a city where tea houses, traditional designs, and brilliant gardens are its masters, in which beautiful Geishas still walk around the streets and where once, a great samurai clan lived in an entire neighborhood (Nagamachi District) that is still intact.

Kanazawa is the city of the “wonders” of Japan

Starting from the train station, recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world, where a gigant suggestive structure represented a modern gate Torii monitors the entrance.

(Its meaning? The love of the city for art, tradition and design.)

Until the obligatory stop of the Kenroku-en, one of the 3 most evocative parks of Japan.

Kanazawa Koen

Kanazawa Koen

Kenroku-it means “Garden of the 6”, and refers to the value that all perfect Zen Garden should have: solitude, antiquity, spaciousness, human ingenuity, water, and panoramic views.

But if this does not motivate you to visit this wonderful city, just as you know, in Kanazawa you can also delicious food!

For lovers of seafood in particular, the other obligatory stop is Omicho, the fish market which, 185 stands with fresh fish every day, boasts more than 280 years of history.

Not only will you observe the largest oysters and crabs you have probably ever seen, but you can also stop and eat in the market living the life of the locals. (Recommended experience!)

Unfortunately, my stay in Kanazawa was just for two days. Enough to see the most significant attractions of the city,  but not to jump in some non-touristic place where you can live a memorable experience. But this is for sure a reason why I will come back soon!

Advice on Where to Sleep in Kanazawa!

If this experience was unforgettable, was also thanks to the great people I met.

Generally, when I choose a place to spend the night, especially if I am alone, I focus my research on the Hostel.

I love traveling to hostels in Japan. Not only the services are similar to those of a good hotel, but the general expectations are hardly dissatisfied!

In Kanazawa, I stayed at “The Share Hotels Hatchi”, a hostel located among the most important attractions of the city (a few minutes walk from both Kenrokuen and Kanazawa castle)

– Not surprisingly, it is rated as one of the best locations in the city to stay in –

Modern and welcoming structure, relaxed atmosphere, comfortable and spacious beds (hostel style of course) and incredibly kind staff who was so kind to give me suggestions on how to make my two-day visit as profitable as possible. People who love their job and their city.

Clearly, this is not a hotel!

You will have to sleep in large shared rooms ( mixed dorms, women only, men or private rooms) but I assure you that even in these situations, you will be able to find your welcome privacy.

Each bed is in fact “enclosed” in a box, closed by a curtain, equipped with light, small safe and electrical outlets.

Everything you need to be able to recharge during the night and enjoy the rest of your journey!

Is it worth visiting Kanazawa? Absolutely yes! Where to sleep? The Share Hotels Hatchi is a great option!

Have a nice trip!
Ele & Yo


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