November 4, 2020

Life in Japan – New Beginning!

Life in Japan: New Beginning – Papà&Haruto

9 months in my belly, and it seems like yesterday that we have found out about your arrival. What can I say, in the house you can breathe a whole new air, the one of a new beginning, and this time in 3!


The last time I published something on my blog was more than three or four months ago.

In those days I was: pregnant, exhausted by the incredible humid heat of the Japanese summer, we lived in another house and my days were alternating between walks, visits to the doctor, and cooking.

I was not at the height of my enthusiasm (because of the heat) but I was enjoying 100% motherhood!

I’m writing right now from a new house (we moved to Chiba at the beginning of July), without a belly, and a beautiful three weeks old baby sleeping (apparently like an angel, but I know he will wake up soon) by my side.

Well yes, the family has officially and finally expanded!

“How was the pregnancy?”  This is the most popular question when meeting a new mother. My answer?

It has been 9 intense months.

I can’t say that I have suffered or had moments of crisis with overwhelming cries (which I was told would happen), but any book I read or video I saw didn’t reflect what I personally experienced.

7 months out of 9 were marked by continuous and heavy nausea. I could not eat, put on weight, and was always worried that I would not be able to get enough nutrients for the baby to grow.

To all of this, I would add the historical/social situation that we were/and are living in (I am referring to this damn virus). For 9 months I was terrified that it would hurt our families too, without us being able to reach and stay close to them because of the global lockdown. Yes because if it was practically impossible to go to Italy, for several reasons was also not so easy to reach the north of the country where Yo’s parents live.

Was always just me and my husband. He, away from his family, me, away from mine. No relaxing days with friends, colorful baby showers (not that I really wanted to do it), or other celebrations. From start to finish we managed on our own.

Alone, but never lonely

Despite everything, we have never felt lonely.

Our great fortune is to have wonderful people by our side. First and foremost our families.

Both have always been very close to us, always making us feel loved. While my mom called me every day ( oh yes, every day!), the Sunday call with Yo’s parents was a date we never missed.

Both of them often sent us packages full of food and clothes for the baby, in a mix of Italian and Japanese style that made us both feel at home.

Not to mention our little boy growing inside my belly. His continuous moving and kicking made our days active and smiling. Just like a motivational coach, he accompanied us in our personal growth right from the start.


Nuovo Inizio: his first picture


Guys, let me tell you something about pregnancy. Among all the texts read, in my opinion, there is one great and unique truth that links them: the hormones in turmoil. Uncontrollable mood swings, body aches, unexplained sweats, and much, much more.

The small discussions almost always ended with one of the two parties (him) apologizing, even if he was not always to blame.

But we happily survived all this! (or at least, he survived)

Life in Japan: Our New Beginning


Tired face at the hospital

How is it going?

Well, very well indeed!

Little Haruto has exactly 21 days today. He was born in the prefecture of Chiba. 15.10.2020 (same birthday date of the Italian grandfather and the Japanese grandmother, that between them are also from the same year, can you believe it?!)
Everyone tells me that it’s too early to give an opinion on how his character is, as he changes every day. So I will remain vague giving you an idea of what my eyes and my heart are understanding of him.
He is a child who feels loved, who tries to make himself understood with his only language (some small cute scream), who is just waiting to be pampered and taken in his arms, and who (strangely and fortunately) has proved to be a good sleeper at night and pleasantly awake during the day.

The best present!


Life in Japan: a new beginning. (Haruto and Grandma)


We have the great fortune to be able to face this first month of life of the little one with the mythical おばあちゃん・grandmother (Yo’s mom) who came from the north of Japan for his
It is the most beautiful gift we could receive. Due to work, viruses, and other impediments, Yo has not seen her for more than a year. Meeting all of us together again with Haruto, it was an unforgettable emotion.

During the day we help each other between cleaning, cooking, and the little one, and I can only say that his presence is a blessing!

If she wasn’t there I would not have had the time to understand how to organize the days, how to create a routine (even if difficult with a newborn baby) and above all, I would not have been able to create a relationship with the little one.

I admit that I miss my parents, my brothers, and sisters. Not only they didn’t see me with a big belly, but they haven’t even been able to hug their grandchild yet.
It is in these cases that I thank technology. Not having video calls and messages would be hard.
Were/are we ready to become parents?
The answer is no. Who is, on the other hand. I distrust those who say they know how the world of babies, children, and parents works.

It is not something you learn from books, or even from the advice of others (but they should always be listened to). It is the beginning of a new life, completely different from the previous one and, perhaps, much more stimulating, which we are now ready to face in 3!

Ele, Yo & Haru


Life in Japan :Nuovo Inizio