December 23, 2019

Obento: Kabocha Soboroni

Obento Kabocha

Japanese Kabocha is my favorite squash!

In Italy, I used to cook similar ones called “Zucca Mantovana”, with green skin and bright orange pulp, but still, I feel that the Japanese ones have an incredible level of sweetness that I have never taste before!

It is a great side dish and in winter it is perfect as a soup! Can be roasted, baked in the oven and be eaten just like this, without any condiments (seriously, you will fall in love with its flavor!)


Roasted Kabocha with curry


MamaSan (Yo’s mothers) made me discover a new recipe that enhances the flavor of Kabocha thanks to the addition of umami taste.

The recipe is called “Kabocha Soboroni”, and if you try it, trust me, you will be addicted!

Kabocha Soboroni

This dish is made of Kabocha, ginger, Dashi and addition of proteins that can be minced pork, chicken, beef or also fish.


I didn’t try it yet, but if you are vegan or vegetarian, what about try もめん (firm) tofu and instead of Dashi some vegetable soup?



Kabocha 1/2



Minced Meat 60-70 gr

Dashi 1/2 cup

Soy Sauce 1 Tbsp

Sake 1 Tbsp

Mirin 1Tbsp

How to cook

Here the step to make home-style Kabocha Soboroni

* Cut the Kabocha in pieces easy to take with the chopstick (try to cut with the same size);

* Finely Chop Ginger and Onion;

*In a bowl, mix the Dashi, Soy Sauce, mirin and sake;

*Put your pan on the fire with a spoon of olive oil. Stir fry the meat (fish or tofu) with ginger and onion until it reaches a golden brown.

* Add the seasoning that you mix before and the Kabocha;

* Wait until it reaches the boil and then turn down the fire, cover with a lit and let in cook for at least 5 min, or until the Kabocha is not soft (time depends on how big are the pieces).

If the Kabocha is not ready yet and the Dashi in all evaporated, add a bit of water!


Obento Kabocha Soboroni



Today’s Obento

For today’s Obento, on the regular steamed rice, I added a mixture of Katsuobushi and Kombucha furikake with Umeboshi in the center.

I stirfried some Brussels sprouts with garlic and I added two pieces of a potato and spinach frittata (was a leftover from yesterday dinner ?)。

Thank you for reading and いただきます!




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