May 24, 2019

Recipe Yellowtail Fish with Soy Sauce and Ginger

Stewed Yellowtail Fish Recipe with soy sauce and ginger

Since we moved to Odawara, in the prefecture of Kanagawa, my personal research for the perfect ingredients for some new recipes with local flavors has started. Let me say that my expectations have been fully met.

Coming out of the great metropolis of Tokyo, I hoped to find myself immersed in a reality where fruit and vegetables could be bought daily in local markets and the fish was fresh every day, maybe also with more affordable prices and without too many plastic packaging (in the previous supermarket where I went, each carrot was strictly wrapped in cellophane). Forgive the unjustified enthusiasm, but my wish has come true.


Il Castello di Odawara

Odawara – Kanagawa Prefecture

Premise! Odawara is not a country town. We are not completely surrounded by rice fields or forest. However, is a small town with 20,000 inhabitants, easy access to Tokyo (with large residential areas) and destination of the Shinkansen. Certainly, for work we will often go around the big capital but, having said that, we still managed to get a corner away from the city center, where we breathe the fresh air coming from the Ocean and the mountains that surround us.

Yes, Odawara is made of sea and mountains. It is therefore rich in all those ingredients that make Japanese gastronomy unique and, in this direction, we are trying to improve our diets a little focusing more on local and fresh ingredient ( and y staying away from the conbini during evening walks).



Fuji San

We are both great fish lovers, both raw and cooked, but since I am generally the cook in the house (he is actually much better than me) and have never really studied how to make it, I don’t often use it often. However, while we are now living in an area close to the sea, with beautiful fish market, I must learn how to make it, and here we are! A Japanese recipe that caught my attention sees Yellowtail fish  (or ぶ り in Japanese) one of the most popular species in the Odawara sea, as the main ingredient!



Ricetta Giappone


Start by cutting into Julienne ginger and vegetables (for tomatoes I simply cut them in half).

Ricetta Giappone

Wash, clean and cut the vegetables – Recipe Yello Tail Japan

Add Sake, Water, Mirin and Soy Sauce in a saucepan and bring to a boil.

Ricetta Giappone


Meanwhile cut an X with your knife on the side of the Yellowtail skin. In this way it will easily absorb the flavors.

Ricetta Giappone

Cut an X on Yellowtail Fish

When the first bubbles appear in the pot, lower the heat slightly and cook your Seriola until the surface turns white. Reached this color, lower the heat and add ginger plus the other vegetables.

Ricetta Giappone

Cook with Vegetables – Yellowtail Recipe

On low heat, continue to cook closed with a lid for 10 minutes.

Serve it then in a nice dish covered with vegetables and a little of cooking broth!

Ricetta Giappone

Recipe from Japan: Yellowtail Fish stewed with soy sauce and ginger




Yellowtail fish is one of the most popular varieties of fish used in Japanese Cuisine since century? It can be fished in the of the whole country (except the area of Okinawa – far south) and is consumed either cooked, raw or fermented.

In Japan it is called by different names depending on the length and its stage of life: Wakashi (10-30 cm), Inada (30-60 cm), Warasa (60-80 cm), Buri (80 cm and more).

It is considered a sign of good and is a good luck symbol. It is usually served for celebrations of departures to family or friends, or in weddings.

According to studies conducted by the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan 100 g of Seriola contain 21.4 g of protein and 12.71 g of fatty acids. Rich in Vitamin B, D and E, is a food rich in antioxidants and nutrients capable of stimulating our mind.


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