September 11, 2019

Sudachi Soba (スダチ そば)

Straight from the prefecture of Tokushima on the island of Shikoku, these small bright green and delicious citrus have a unique taste.
With a refreshing juice and an aromatic aftertaste, Sudachi are the fruit of late summer (harvesting takes place between August and October).
Sushi, tempura, cakes, creamy desserts … these are just some of the recipes you can taste them in.
We recently tried the Soba Sudachi, we loved it and as a result, here the recipe!

Soba, the perfect choice

Under the hot and humid Japanese summer, eating a large Soba bowl, immersed in a “tsumetai” broth (= cold), with two or three ice cubes floating on the surface, is the fifth essence of pleasure.

Considered a mid-day snack or light meal, these thin and fluffy noodles lying in a Dashi broth with a strong umami flavor and a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, are one of the highlights of Japanese cuisine. If you find yourself traveling around some city Japan and you are in search of an easy, quick and delicious meal, go for the restaurant with ”そば” written outside of the entrance, it will always be a great choice.

Among the different versions that you can find around, one of my favorites is with the delicious Sudachi – ス ダ チ.

Sudachi is a citrus fruit famous in the prefecture of Tokushima where it is also a symbol of the area. Green in color and small in size, thanks to its strong flavor, very similar to the better known Yuzu (another citrus fruit famous in Japanese gastronomy), it is mainly used as a seasoning for vegetables, broths or in products such as Vodka, ice cream or soft drinks.

The preparation of this fresh summer dish is really simple. All you need is a good base of Dashi broth, a pack of Soba, soy sauce and of course, Sudachi.



Next, to the ingredients, you will find substitutes that are easier to find.

ATTENTION, the Soba are made of buckwheat flour but nevertheless, they are not always Gluten-Free! I recommend you look at the percentages used on the package.



Step 1

Bring to boil a large pot. Cook the noodles according to the instructions on the package. Drain and rinse them thoroughly underwater, letting them cool and turning them with your hands, so as to remove excess starch. Drain again.


Sudachi Soba

Step 2.

In a bowl, add the Dashi, the soy sauce, Mirin and a glass of water. Taste your broth and adjust the flavor by adding Dashi to make it more concentrated or water to dilute it. Squeeze one of your Sudachi and add the juice to your broth.


Sudachi Soba

Step 3

Take the Sudachi and cut it into thin slices. (Optional step: you can eliminate the seeds with the help of a toothpick).


Sudachi Soba


Step 4.

In a bowl, place your Noodles on the bottom and cover with the broth. To give it an even fresher touch you can add two ice cubes.

Spread the slices of Sudachi over the surface of the broth and, to give a final touch with an extra umami flavor, add some thin pieces of Katsuobushi to the center!



As a result, an easy and delicious bowl to enjoy in the hot summer!