February 20, 2020

Miso Salad Dressing

Why you should try this Miso Salad Dressing?

It tastes delicious, is healthy and can make fall in love with a simple green salad!

Living in Japan, Miso has become one of the staple food in our diet. I love to experiment and use it in many different ways, not just because is delicious, but also because of the benefit, it provides to our body.


We ❤️ Miso (Why you Should love it too)

I remember when I was in Kanazawa, during a study trip focus on local food culture. The last day we went to a beautiful shop specialized in Miso and Amazake where the owner, who looked like she was barely 50, told us she had just turned 70. Her secret? Daily and constant consumption of products that contain Koji, the bacterium that allows the fermentation of soybeans (and other cereals) used for the production of soy sauce, sake, amazake, and in particular miso.

Whether the story told to us is perhaps 100% true or not (often having good genes helps more than a good miso soup), we cannot fail to recognize the many different benefits that miso brings to our digestive system.


Miso Dressing Salad


The idea of today’s dressing comes from the desire to avoid excessive consumption of those delicious oils and creams offered by the Japanese market.

Seriously, here in Japan, when it comes to salad dressing, it’s no joke. Very good, with a creamy and perfect consistency, they have only one problem, excessive sugar content.

So with this recipe, I try to fight, or in some way, mitigate a bad vice that had taken hold on our table! I hope it can help you too!

You can use it not just on your salad, but also on top of the tofu, for marinated grilled fish, or simply to give an extra flavor and bring back to life your leftover.


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Salad with Miso Dressing