May 21, 2019

Taste of Japan: Anko Dango Recipe!

Are the sweet of the full moon and you can find them around Japan all year round.  With a slightly chewy texture, aromatized with different flavors, they are a small pleasure from which you can’t resist.

Place of origin: Kyoto!

It is said that the first Dango was made in Kyoto, the home of Wagashi and tea ceremonies. Since then, it has become such a popular dessert, present both in traditional pastry shops than in conbini, becoming available and affordable for everyone.

Nowadays there are really all types and for different occasions (ex. Tsukimi Dango). Our favorite?

Anko Dango!

Similar to a dumpling, is covered with a thick layer of red bean cream (called Anko). The key ingredients of this recipe? Joshinko (rice flour). Unlike the Mochi prepared with 100% glutinous rice flour, the dango includes 100% rice flour that gives his characteristic chewy texture.

Attention: the flour used in the preparation of Dango comes from a Japanese rice variety characterized by very small grain. You will not get the same result by using another rice flour. I, therefore, advise you to go and buy it in the Asian supermarket near your home (or you can also use Amazon).

Having said that, with flour, the preparation is really simple!


Be ready with

Combine the rice flour and the sugar in a bowl and add the hot water little by little (NEVER put it all into a first shot). Continue adding it and mix until the dough becomes thick. Form as many ground balls as possible and of the same size.

Dango Recipe

In the pot that you have brought to a boil, gently toss your dango and cook them until they start to float on the water. Once they float, wait another minute before draining them. Put them in a bowl of water with ice and let them cool for at least 2 minutes.

#2 Dango Recipe

Lightly dry them and insert 3 balls for each Skewers. Cover them with Anko cream.

Anko Dango

Ecco pronto il vostro dessert!



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