December 22, 2019

Japanese Yuzu Tea

Today’s recipe features Yuzu, a winter citrus fruit typical of Asian countries in winter characterized by a taste similar to a mix of lemon and mandarin.

Given to the very thick skin and the presence of several seeds inside , its strong taste is concentrated in a pulp that is not eaten like a normal fruit, but is squeezed and used in various traditional recipes.

One of them is the Yuzu Tea!


Japanese Yuzu Tea


More like a jam than a syrup, is an excellent base for winter drinks if diluted with hot water, or summer if served with ice.
Here is a simple recipe that will accompany us all year round.

Japanese Yuzu Tea


* Yuzu (quantity at your discretion)

* Sweetener (white sugar, brown sugar, honey or rock sugar)

How to make

Like any foods preserves, particular attention must be paid to the sterilization of the ingredients and materials we are going to use.

Starting with the jars that will contain our citrus fruits, is important to make them a safe environments so that they do not form unwanted mold in the future.

Sterilization of jars

Divide the various pieces of the jar (lid, rubber and container), dip in some hot water upside down and let them boil for a few minutes.

Take them out of the pot and, without touching with your hands, let everything dry naturally on a clean cloth.



(Another method of sterilization consists of resting in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.)

Cleaning of Yuzu


* salt q.b.

* baking soda q.b.

Since inside the jars we will also insert the citrus peel, it is important to clean it thoroughly so as to eliminate any possible chemical residues.

1) Rub the peel with salt, paying attention to cover the whole surface;


Japanese Tea Yuzu


2) Remove the salt residue with warm water, and proceed to a second cleaning with the help of baking powder. Rub the whole surface and dip your Yuzu in the water.

Let them rest for at least 5 -10 minutes.


Japanese Tea Yuzu

3) Pass every single Yuzu again in hot water, so as to eliminate any remaining residue of baking soda. Dry them well with a clean cloth.

How to Make it

Cut your Yuzu first into thin slices, paying attention to remove the seeds inside, and then into strips of the same thickness.

Weigh it all and add the same amount of sugar (ratio 1:1).

Mix everything together and proceed to fill the jars with the mixture.

Cover with a transparent sheet, seal with the lid and let it rest one day at room temperature. Finally, keep it in the fridge for at least 3 days and, after this time, enjoy your drink.


Instead of sugar it is possible to use rock sugar or honey following the ratio 1 of Yuzu and 0.5 of the chosen sweetener (1:0.5).

Do I suggest to have a jar of Yuzu ready in our fridge?
Absolutely YES!

Rich in vitamin C, is a great way to bring a touch of sweetness to our moments of relaxation!