June 22, 2020

Zucchini Roll with Creamy Tofu


Zucchini Roll with Creamy Tofu

Zucchini Roll with Creamy Tofu


This dish has been on my “recipes to try” list for months now.

The reason I waited so long?

The overpriced zucchini here in Japan. Every time I decided to buy them, I refused.More than 2 Euros for one zucchini! As an Italian from the countryside area, where zucchini cost 1.80 per kg, it was an insult.

As it should be, I waited for them to become super seasonal (which here doesn’t mean cheaper, but surely you have a wider range to choose from).

Found the perfect opportunity, I didn’t hesitate to buy them, and here they are!

I had my eye on the recipe for this dish on a Food Blog that I love to follow called “Damn Delicious” (I absolutely recommend it if you also love simple and tasty homemade recipes).
I decided to twist the proposed recipe a little bit making it gluten free and vegan.

– If you’re wondering, no, I’m not vegan, but as a pregnant woman, at home, I try to create versions of dishes not too heavy and rich in nutrients that make me feel good. –

Few ingredients, fresh and summery flavours, in a dish that has officially entered among my favourites!

Recipe Zucchini Roll with Creamy Tofu

Are you among the mistrustful of tofu? Try this version and I’m sure you’ll reconsider it.


Let’s Cook

Let’s start with the marinara sauce. Start by adding extra virgin olive oil in a large, non-stick pot. Let it barely warm up. In the meantime, chop the cloves of garlic and onion. When the onion and garlic are browned, add the tomato can, the oregano and chilli pepper. Leave to cook for about 15 minutes over medium – low heat, stirring frequently.

Turn off the fire, blend everything with a mixer until a smooth and homogeneous cream is obtained, add salt, pepper and let set it a part.


Marinara Sauce – Zucchini Roll with Creamy Tofu


Wash the zucchini and dry them. With the help of a mandolin, cut into thin slices of the same thickness. Place them on a cloth or paper and sprinkle them with a pinch of salt and pepper.

(Attention: the thickness of the zucchini must be thick enough to allow them to roll easily on themselves.)

In a food processor, add the tofu cut on cube and the 3 tbsp of tartar sauce. Mix until you don’t get a nice creamy texture (you can add a bit of oil and salt to give more flavour and texture).

Spread the filling on your zucchini slices and slowly slowly roll them up. (You won’t need toothpicks to close them because tofu cream will act as a “glue”.)

Place on the bottom of baking dish the marinara sauce and then place your zucchini roll. If you have more marinara sauce and filling add it on the top of the zucchini.

Add a bit of oil and cook in the oven at 200° per 25 minutes!



Obento with Zucchini Roll, roasted cauliflower with spices, grilled mushrooms and eggplant with marinara sauce.